Dispatch handling

Our software solution for dispatch handling allows you to optimise and automate your loading and dispatch processes – mainly for liquid products, but also for solid energy products. The supported modes of transport include tank trucks for road and railways, as well as barges and pipelines... more

Tax/customs processing

Are you looking for quick and reliable tax and customs processing? We have the right solution for you. We will help you maintain customs tax ledgers and issue tax declarations. We will also automate your procedures for customs processing (EMCS) ... more

Mass balancing

By means of automated mass balancing, you can increase your process efficiency significantly. But our solution offers even more: Special tools for managing storage facilities, quantity control and transactions with oil stockholding associations (EBV) will help you save time and money. With our software products you can also rest assured that your data will always be processed in compliance with the ever-changing statutory regulations ... more

Fuel blending

Our tried and proven calculation of formulas allows optimised purchase of raw materials, flexible handling of biocomponents and more, no matter what type of fuel is being produced ... more

Software as a service

You can use all of our software solutions as Software as a Service (SaaS). We provide you with a web interface you can access conveniently via your web browser. At the same time, you will be using our secure, highly-available infrastructure and cover an important part of your information security management ... more

About VTA Software & Service

The digital evolution is creating new challenges for all commercial enterprises. But it also offers a variety of new opportunities for streamlining and cost savings.  VTA Software & Service GmbH is part of the Hegmanns Group and based in Gelsenkirchen. We would like to accompany and support you in this process. We combine comprehensive experience in the mineral oil and energy sector with extraordinary technological knowledge, which has allowed us to become a leading provider of software solutions in the field of dispatch handling, biofuel sustainability and EMCS handling in Germany. What characterises us is that we do not simply rely on standard solutions, but rather develop our own technology and  provide custom made solutions for your business.

After all:

Your success is our objective! We will assist you with expert knowledge, cutting-edge technology and high sophisticated software systems.  

Our mission is to provide all-encompassing support to our clients in order to design more efficient and transparent business processes – technologically and professionally. For this purpose, we also develop dedicated software solutions.

A wide range of skills and high-quality software products

Drawing on our many years of experience, we support companies with various different backgrounds – including refineries, tank facilities, company headquarters or traders. As a result, we provide cross-industry services with expertise in product dispatch, legal requirements for hazardous goods, customs and tax processing, decarbonisation, mass balancing and blending. In all these areas, we will provide individual solutions in order to optimise your processes: We will analyse your particular requirements and develop a concept as a basis for implementing an optimal solution. In this context, we are also able to assist you with all aspects of project management.

The software products we develop in-house are an important part of our service in this regard: we simplify and automate processes with our VERA and VTA applications, for which we also provide extensive support. We offer each of our software solutions in two variants, either as a local installation (on premise) or as a system operated by us (Software as a Service). Using the latter, you can access your application from anywhere without the need for high-performance devices or having to worry about data security or integrity.

Improved security

Naturally, we offer the entire product range in compliance with the highest security standards. Our company is ISO/IEC 27001 certified and therefore submits to regular  IT security audits – another reason why our clients can trust us wholeheartedly.

All-round worry-free package

In short: With each of our services, you will enjoy an all-round worry-free package. As we offer our products as Software as a Service (SaaS), no software installation is necessary. We will operate the entire system and ensure security in accordance with ISO/IEC 27001. Access to all features is provided via the Internet. In addition, no in-house IT skills are needed at your company. We will carry out the installation of updates, ensure high availability and provide 24/7 support.