Systems support

When it comes to support and maintenance of our software systems, we demand the highest quality standards from ourselves.

You can rely on us in the following areas:

Systems support

In systems administration, these key skills form the basis of our portfolio:

  • Network infrastructure (LAN, WAN and VPN management)
  • Operating systems (Windows, Linux, Unix, Windows Server) 
  • Databases (Oracle) 

High availability

We guarantee an availability of your productive systems of 99.5% p.a. with the exception of  maintenance windows, which are always scheduled in agreement with the client and usually take place on weekends.

Data security

The productive and test systems are operated in separate locations. In the event of failure of productive systems, the test system can fill in in order to continue operation while the problem is being resolved.

Data backup

Professional solutions are used for data backups. Special tools allow the databases to be archived during ongoing operation.  As a result, the system is always available, without any performance hits or downtimes because to backups.

Recovery times

Recovery time in standby cases: 2 hours

Recovery time in the case of recovery from backup: 16 hours

Update service

As part of our update service, new software releases are installed. These contain all the latest improvements and  new features. If desired, releases can be collected and compiled into packages that can be installed at time intervals of your choice. New software releases are provided as part of our system maintenance service.

General software maintenance

As part of general software maintenance, updates of front-end and back-end components (incl. new database components) are performed. General software maintenance also includes monitoring and, where applicable, optimisation of individual modules in the entire system.

Database maintenance and support

The essential foundation of all our systems is a reliable database system. These databases require constant monitoring and control. This is why we provide the following services:

  • Simulated disaster cases in order to guarantee the reliability and effectiveness of database backup and recovery measures (at least once a year); a representative of the client is involved in this process.
  • Safeguarding, support and control of database recoveries:
    • Health checks
    • Regular evaluations of the database condition using proven methods and recording of improvements (e.g.  table space sizes, error logs)
    • Detection and remedy of potential bottlenecks in advance (e.g. index management)