Software development

Constant improvement is our standard.

We believe in professional monitoring

Good, comprehensive systems support requires monitoring of all vital systems. Parameters such as availability of services and system components, automatic backups or data integrity should be checked automatically at regular intervals. To this end, we make use of scripts (bash, ksh, Perl) that were developed in-house.

Improvement and product evolution

We draw from our extensive knowledge of various programming languages (e.g. C/C++, C#.NET, Java, VisualBasic [+ VBA], Fortran) in order to constantly improve our software systems. At the same time, we also develop new technologies and create customised solutions for our customers’ needs. In addition to traditional desktop software and web applications, we have also been able to gain valuable expertise in the area of mobile apps which enables us to develop platform-independent solutions for all common mobile devices using technologies such as AngularJS.

Database experts

Most of the systems we develop rely on databases in order to store information. For us, this usually means Oracle relational databases.
Our long-standing employees with years of experience allow us to offer comprehensive services, all from a single source: Tasks ranging from database setup and creation of necessary data structures for the software (including tables, triggers, constraints, indexes, functions, procedures and packages) to database maintenance including monitoring, backups and recovery can all be performed by us.