Project management

Successful project management is what makes us stand out

Our projects are led exclusively by experienced project managers. They are certified as Project Management Professionals by the Project Management Institute (PMI), which guarantees comprehensive knowledge of the project management principles and tools described in the PMBOK guide and is recognised worldwide. 

Since project management can only work on the basis of reliable data, we offer an integrated and convenient platform for managing project information that we have developed and successfully used ourselves:  VTA-ProMIS.

Its features include:

  • Cost and resource planning
  • Recording and management of expenses (standardised reporting)
  • Estimation of project progress and historical analysis of project flows, including the provision of an “alert system” for critical discrepancies

Why we value good project management so much

With software development in particular, the decisive key to successfully overcoming complex requirements is the mastery of implementation projects. But a necessary condition for this is professional project management.

The benefits for you:

  • Optimal support for your projects from well-trained, experienced project staff (either included in a fixed-price order or provided in the form of consultation by external project managers)
  • Excellent transparency of vital project information through use of the right software packages

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