VTA-TUR (transport unit reporting)

The innovative app for consignors of hazardous goods

Checklists for ARD, RID and ADN in just one app

The consignment of hazardous goods requires a large amount of documentation due to various safety requirements and as a result, reporting on paper is time-consuming and prone to error. VTA-TUR is the first solution that can manage the entire control and documentation process in a fully digital way. Our new app enables you to handle all checks of of transport vehicles clearly and consistently. It includes all checklists for ADR (road), RID (rail) and ADN (inland waterways). All you have to do is take your smartphone or tablet out of your pocket in order to have all required forms at your disposal.

Clean documentation, even in adverse conditions

Incomplete lists and soaked or stained forms are also a thing of the past with VTA-TUR. As you are used to  handle mobile devices, you can fill out the lists easily with your finger on the touchscreen. Controls can therefore be carried out even in adverse conditions such as rain and snow or in dirty environments.

Data transfer and storage on a secure server operated by VTA

Even if you happen to lose your mobile device, your documents are by no means lost. Data is sent to VTAs central servers immediately. Both the transfer and storage are protected in the best way possible against loss and unauthorized access. Our ISO/EN 27001-certified infrastructure meets the highest security requirements.

Accessible at any time and from anywhere

Complete digital organisation and storage has another advantage: documents can be retrieved at any time and from any location. Thanks to filtering options, you can even perform specific analyses of data. This helps with the creation of internal evaluations for your company, and also makes sure you can immediately provide the required data for enquiries from the authorities.

Tank car entry control with photographic evidence

As an added feature, you can implement entry controls for transport vehicles with VTA-TUR. For example, you can use the camera on your mobile device to record irregularities or damage to tank cars and integrate them directly into the checklist. If a shunting or loading stop is necessary, this can be reported via the app as well. Integrated step-by-step instructions ensure the respective controller does not forget any inspection points.

Optional interface implementation

In principle, all you need to use the app are an explosion-proof (if applicable) smartphone or tablet (iOS or Android), a stable internet connection and access to VTA’s server. Upon request, we will also interface the app with your processing system so you do not have to maintain your transportation master data twice.

VTA-TUR app: all the benefits at a glance

  • Complete hazardous goods documentation for all modes of transport

(ADR [road], RID [rail], ADN [inland waterways])

  • Clean inventory control even in adverse weather conditions
  • Checklists can be filled out conveniently on the touchscreen
  • Secure data transfer to central VTA servers
  • Lists can be accessed again at any time and from anywhere (e.g. for examination by the authorities)
  • Filter tool for specific analysis
  • Taking of photographic evidence of irregularities or damage to tank cars
  • Reporting feature for irregularities incl. loading stop
  • Integrated step-by-step instructions for the control process
  • Optional: interface implementation for dispatch processing systems