Professional project management – the right platform makes things run smoothly.

The basic requirement for effective, professional project management is reliable information. This is why we created VTA-ProMIS, a fully integrated and easy to use  information system for project management.

VTA-ProMIS was developed based on the international standards provided by the Project Management Institute (PMI).

All team members are informed reliably

VTA-ProMIS is a Windows-based, open system. It features a web interface and a report generator that allows you to define your own reports. For the duration of the project, it provides the necessary information for everybody involved, such as project managers, project teams, management, controlling staff and clients. This is what makes VTA ProMIS the ideal basis for professional project management.

Tasks that VTA-ProMIS will help you with:

Organisational tasks

  • Assignment of responsibilities
  • Management of permits/authorisations
  • Archiving of project data
  • Cost and resource planning
  • Compliance with regular plan adjustments 

Provision of information

  • Reliable statements about the project situation and comparable project key figures (benchmarking)
  • Multi-facetted analysis of project data
  • Supply of condensed key information
  • Recording and management of expenses (standardised reporting)
  • Estimation of project progress and historical analysis of project flows
  • “Alert system” for critical discrepancies

Integrative tasks

  • Coupling of project data and accounting data (e.g. SAP and DATEV)
  • Comparison of planning data and project scheduling (client is given access to the central project database)
  • Inclusion of the client in project handling 

Operative tasks

  • Reduction of the project manager’s routine activities
  • Accompaniment of the project through the entire lifecycle
  • Ongoing and easy logging of actual data