Increase your efficiency and flexibility with automation!

Meet requirements quickly and easily

VTA-EMCS is an independent and certified special solution for the integration of EMCS into the business processes of sales organisations and storage facilities for goods subject to excise duty. As a result, you will meet the requirements set by the authorities without having to introduce new work processes into dispatching and without any time-consuming staff training.

Individual support

We will help you face particular challenges: we provide specific support, e.g. in case of special tasks or in exceptional circumstances. We cover the entire value chain, help with technical questions and take care of any customs issues.

Select the right module for your needs

You can choose from different modules, depending on your individual requirements:

Module for central sales departments: EMCS-specific checks, rule-based completion and automatic forwarding of processed master data.

  • Semi-automated warehouse connection: implementation of all EMCS-relevant processes, including reporting on the basis of automatically prepared or manually populated master data, to which you can easily add the required movement data.
  • Fully automated dispatch integration: all activities necessary for EMCS are integrated into an existing dispatch automation system and automatically run in the background (requires a fully automated dispatch system).

Direct dispatch via the interface

Our solution allows you to send your loading data directly to the German, Belgium and Luxembourg EMCS systems via a certified interface. In the future, this will also be possible for the Netherlands. You can manage your loads with complete flexibility. Loading master data from higher-level ERP systems can be acquired and completed automatically, based on a configurable set of rules. Completed loading master data can also be forwarded to the dispatch systems automatically.

Easy-to-use web portal

All processes relevant to EMCS can be triggered conveniently from the web portal – manually via the website or automatically via web services. The plausibility of the data is also checked automatically, including SEED verification to check for valid excise duty numbers and product authorisation. On the basis of a configurable list of recipients (email, FTP), all the necessary information is then distributed reliably.

International use

Since it is based on open interfaces, VTA-EMCS can also be customised to work with systems from other countries that work in ways analogous to EMCS. 

Expert knowledge is part of the package

Expert knowledge concerning the current legislation is vital for the development of our software. This is why we are well informed about the legal situation in the entire EU.
For the same reason, we also maintain good relations with the authorities (BMF, BFD and HZA). You are welcome to contact us if there are problems or questions.
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