VTA-BlendOpt is a high-performance solution for the optimal mixing of fuels at tank storage facilities and refineries. You can also increase your margins! 

Blending process

Heating oils and fuels consist of a mixture of multiple components. During blending, they are mixed to create marketable products (different types of diesel and petrol). For this purpose, the required specifications must be observed. The finished product is finally delivered to the tank storage facility for further processing.

Blending process in the tank facility

It is increasingly becoming international standard procedure to carry out the blending process not only in refineries, but also at tank facilities. By purchasing raw products and safely blending them at your tank facility, not only are you increasing your purchasing flexibility, but you are also optimising the use of your tank area – especially by adding biofuels. When it comes to blending, the possible solutions are determined not only by the products being mixed but also by the technical capabilities at your tank facility. For example, sales products can be mixed during loading, for instance by being pumped into a tank, mixed in a blender or via rack blending.

Safe and efficient mixing operations

VTA will support you from the first feasibility study and profitability calculation to the planning and execution of the necessary reconstruction measures, and will continue to be your partner during ongoing mixing operations. Our VTA-BlendOpt software tool guarantees safe and efficient mixing operations at your tank facility.

Use the advantages and switch to a new mode of operations for your storage facility with VTA:

  •     Optimised purchase of raw materials
  •     Flexible handling of biocomponents
  •     Addition of special products to your portfolio
  •     Maximise your product margins
  •     Minimise your stock