Stay on top of your biofuel quotas: VTA-Biofuels makes management of Proofs Of Sustainability and calculation of biofuel quotas a straightforward task. 

Time savings and relief for employees

VTA-Biofuels allows you to log all quota-relevant data. This includes inbound and outbound deliveries, stocks and the assignment of Nabisy Proofs Of Sustainability (PoS) to individual datasets. The application offers features such as flexible management of certificates (e.g. ISCC EU/REDCert-EU), the inclusion of planning data but also support for co-processing (simultaneous hydration of both fossil and biogenic components in one facility). All documents you have to provide to the authorities or that you require for your quota declaration are created at the touch of a button. They are also continuously updated to meet the ever-changing legal requirements. Compared with manual bookkeeping, this process is not only much quicker but also less tedious and frustrating.

Transparency and error prevention

Once all mass balances are completed, the quantities for quota balancing are determined.

After that, the complete set of documents required for the quota declaration can be compiled based on comprehensive reports that are automatically created on the user’s request.

Suitable for biofuel producers and traders

As a biofuel producer, you can use the application to handle all your mass balances and manage your PoS on the basis of the available data. Additionally, automated algorithms will help you distribute products according to the biogenic properties required by your customers. If you are a biofuel trader, you can also use the software system to log and process your mass balancing and distribute evidence. Our solution therefore allows both producers and traders to optimise their expenses.

VTA-Biofuels has a modular design

  • Basic module: PoS management, Nabisy automation
  • Module 1         Mass balancing
  • Module 2         Interfaces/ERP systems integration
  • Module 3         Certificate management
  • Module 4         Planning tool
  • Module 5         Co-processing
  • Module 6         Bio producer
  • Module 7         Bio trader 

Software As A Service

We provide VTA-Biofuels as a web-based application without the need for a local software installation. The software is operated by us on a central server in a secure datacentre that has been certified in accordance with DIN/EN ISO 27001. The software is provided via the Internet as “Software as a Service” and can be accessed securely based on username and password.

Due to the web-based nature of our application, integrating it into your IT infrastructure is a quick and easy process.

We provide specialist knowledge and advice

In addition to providing the software, we are also happy to help you with any questions concerning sustainability. As this topic is particularly complex, we know that it can be difficult for users to always keep track of all requirements. By means of VTA-Biofuels, we will guide the way through the jungle of regulations and help you meet all requirements in order to prevent high penalties and serious mistakes.
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