The platform-independent complete system for dispatch processing and management – everything under control, from check-in to filling

Tried and proven for years

VERA-V3 is proving itself day after day at numerous refineries and tank facilities in Germany and Belgium. Every day, VERA-V3 is used to load approximately 85,000 tonnes of product into around 3,000 transport units. Because it is platform-independent, you can use the multilingual software system in a Windows, Unix or Linux environment.

Integrated and system-stable

Compared to other solutions, VERA-V3 stands out particularly because of its excellent overall integration of all requirements, high system stability and high availability. The solution offers fully automated loading and unloading methods for road, rail, pipeline and barge. This also includes interactive status tracking for all transport orders, from order creation to the issuing of dispatch papers – in a uniform, graphical user interface for storage and retrieval.

High transparency

All loading processes are completely visualised, leading to increased transparency and making sure you always have everything under control. This is supported by the monthly statement: at the end of each month, you will receive an overview of all storage facilities, including automated tracing and booking of shortages and excess quantities, density compensation and recovered quantities for all storage facilities.

Quantity bookkeeping

VERA-V3 also offers you the opportunity to carry out quantity bookkeeping and control at your tank facility. Our solution allows you to quickly and conveniently create your quantity balance sheets (separated by tank facility) and then generate the right report overviews.

Considerable paper savings

Using the entire optimised process, you will also save a lot of paper – your workload will be minimised, and you will become more efficient.

Single-source principle

VERA-V3 is licenced according to the single-source principle. This means the program package is installed and maintained as a uniform software package for all users. Each user can therefore use the entire range of VERA-V3 functions without restriction; the client-specific properties are set up via configuration options. The single-source principle has also led to the formation of a user group that includes the entire user community. One advantage of this is that the long-term assurance of support is guaranteed.

In addition to process optimisation, VERA-V3 stands out because of:

  •     Constant development and improvement via upgrades
  •     Flexible adjustment to meet new market requirements
  •     Guaranteed compliance with legal provisions

Available variants

a) VERA-V3 on-premise

Installation directly on your premises

VERA-V3 on-premise means that we will visit your premises to install the software on your system. This variant is especially suited to companies that already have a well-developed IT infrastructure (including IT specialists) and for which it is vital that all data remains within the company. Even if you work with a larger number of other software packages that we do not manage, we recommend this in-house solution.


Installation in a secured datacentre

Would you like to concentrate on your core business tasks and outsource the entire IT infrastructure rather than keep and maintain your it in your own? If so, software as a service is the ideal solution for you. You will have access to the entire range of VERA-V3 features without having to worry about software setup and ongoing support costs. An interface module to connect with storage facilities, customs and forwarders is included as a standard feature.

Comprehensive tax warehouse reports are also available.

Upgrade for your data security

The operation of VERA-V3 is, of course, subject to strict IT security standards that are ISO/EN 27001-certified. This means that by using VERA-V3 you will also be complying with important information security standards (e.g. critical infrastructure).
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