Smartphones and tablets offer new opportunities with universal connectivity and alternative, non-keyboard operating concepts – even in loading automation.

Versatile use

We support different ways of using your mobile device, such as paperless documentation of tank car checks,  visual representation of relevant key company figures or even driver briefing.

Standardised and streamlined tank car checks

Tank car checks in particular can be standardised and streamlined by using tablet computers with VERA-V3. In addition, data on currently checked-in vehicles is provided on the device. Using the modern guided interface, the reviewer can enter the information directly at the vehicle. The driver’s signature can also be entered directly on the device. Afterwards, the data is automatically archived in VERA-V3. If necessary, a log can be issued for the driver.

Checklists are always up-to-date

The VERA-V3 Mobile Apps eliminate the need for paper checklists that must be updated regularly in accordance with the latest requirements. Our solution ensures that the user is always automatically up-to-date. In addition, results will be quick and easy to find, even after a long time, just by using vehicle and driver master data.

The direct blocking of vehicles and drivers can also be configured easily with VERA-V3.