VERA-TAX helps you with central tasks for mineral oil tax statements and export tracking.

Integrated customs bookkeeping

In accordance with mineral oil legislation, all companies producing mineral oil are obliged to carry out customs bookkeeping. Our VERA-TAX software can make this task a lot easier.

In addition to creating production reports, performing quantity bookkeeping and documenting stocks, it can also be used for all general bookkeeping.

Statutory regulations as a basis

The analyses conducted in the system are based on statutory requirements or include approved methods of simplification. VERA-TAX allows you to create energy tax declarations, energy tax evaluations and export statistics with the aid of pre-defined forms.

Straightforward evaluation tools

The evaluation tools were created as a result of sections AO §146 and §147 of the German tax code which entered into force on 20 January 2002 and provide the customs administration with the right to access data from IT-based bookkeeping systems during company audits. Thanks to convenient sorting and filtering of tables, the analysis is also particularly transparent.