Queries to the SEED database – only check excise duty numbers once

Compliance with the Energy Tax Act

In accordance with the Energy Tax Act, as a consignor you have to ensure that goods subject to excise duty and delivered under duty suspension in entitled EU member states are only send to valid recipients. You can verify whether a recipient is entitled by checking its excise duty number . You can carry out this examination at any time at a customs office or via the European Commission SEED portal. However, it is time-consuming to submit queries about numbers that have already been checked. 

Instant test results with automatic preservation of evidence

VERA-SEED is an intelligent software tool that will prevent you from having to do the same work twice and thus save you a great deal of time. Excise duty numbers that have been verified in the past are automatically stored by the system and checked for validity in regular intervals. Thanks to the storage and central logging of search requests, you will also ensure the preservation of evidence. As a side benefit, typing errors, a frequent cause of error during manual data entry, are reduced significantly.