Optimisation of  electronic import and confirmation of written statements

As you know, when picking up mineral oil products from a refinery or tank facility, the individual collectors must be authorised. This is typically done by presenting  a collection ID  to the dispatcher who is usually the only person able to approve the load accordingly. At times, there is a considerable distance between the place where the collector checks in and the dispatchers office.

VERA-SCAN streamlines and accelerates the process

To enable the dispatcher to approve the load despite the physical distance, he/she needs a different way validate the document. So far, a common solution was the use of pneumatic tube systems that transported the collection notes to the dispatcher. Apart from the time needed to  transport the note through the tube, also maintaining costs for these systems increased much in the past years. Through VERA-SCAN, we offer you a quick and easy way to scan collection papers in order to allow electronic access. The dispatcher can instantly check the scanned documents and approve the load. Multiple collection papers can also be easily allocated to one order. This results in an enormous potential for time savings. VERA-SCAN can either be integrated directly into VERA-V3 or connected with your existing dispatch system as a stand-alone solution.