Integrated ATLAS export registration: Meet the requirements of the financial authorities – without the need to introduce new processes and without time-consuming staff training.

High-performance add-on

As a complement to VERA-V3, we have developed an add-on that acts as an interface to integrate the ATLAS export registration into the dispatch process for transport to non-EU countries. This makes it possible to analyse and archive all your customs documents and data internally.

Increased efficiency due to fully automated customs declarations

Delivery datasets are directly imported from VERA instances or other dispatch systems. This data is transferred electronically and used to automatically create and transmit the export declaration. The export handling can therefore be performed almost entirely without intervention from your facility staff and without delays. The system automatically checks for new ATLAS input data  such as status information and Export Accompanying Documents (EAD) in regular intervals.

MRN codes (Master Reference Number)

The MRN codes are automatically acquired by VERA-ATLAS. The EAD can be printed on any available laser printer. It can also be forwarded to a pre-configured email address which can be defined for every exporter . Additionally, ATLAS emergency documents can be created automatically.