Tank facility monitoring

Secure monitoring and optimisation of your mixing processes

In your petrochemical operations, it is important to ensure the safe transportation and storage of liquid substances. Reliable quantity and quality data for all liquids that are stored or in motion is absolutely vital for production planning. The variety of tanks, substances and qualities therefore has to be visualised in a clear manner. The compression and alignment of measurement data also play a major role.

Reliable data and rapid formula correction

Through our system for balancing/monitoring of tank facilities, we are providing the means to significantly increase the reliability of your measurement data. It helps the responsible operators detect and rectify incorrect data. At the same time, it helps correct the formulas being used. This is possible because the implemented simulation and optimisation algorithms enable you to directly use all data from inventory management, online analysers and laboratory values for the calculation of formulas. You can either calculate component proportions and flows from predefined quality thresholds or determine the resulting qualities in the blender and target tank for a certain mixture ratio and compare them with the product threshold values. The dialogues required for this purpose are completely integrated into our user interface.

You will also enjoy the following benefits:

  • High-availability system
  • Consistency analysis features
  • Integrated archiving system
  • Comprehensive logging of actions
  • Integrated messaging system
  • Separation of testing and production area
  • Backup and recovery features