Dispatch handling

Are you looking for software to automate your dispatches and thus optimise your entire process flow?

All-encompassing service

We are your full-service provider for user-oriented dispatch and loading management. From integration and the procurement of the necessary components to interfacing with ERP systems – all details will be handled by our systems.

Higher efficiency through automation

Our solution is designed to handle  road, rail, pipeline and barge as modes of transport. Our administrative dispatch system VERA-V3 is the core of  our automated shipping system.

It is the link between the commercial systems of the plant/tank storage or business partner and the hardware-related loading facilities. Using VERA-V3 means completely automated loading and unloading.  Your processes are accelerated significantly while errors are reduced.

Everything under control at all times

Thanks to an interactive status tracking system, you will always have your transport orders in view, including all the details – from order entry to the issuing of dispatch papers. As with all of our software products, the user interface works in a consistent way and can be used intuitively, so your staff will quickly become accustomed to the functions and you will save valuable time.

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Paperless documentation

Our VERA-V3 mobile services are the perfect complement to our dispatch management.

They will avoid paper checklists that need to be updated regularly to comply with the latest regulations. Our solution ensures you are always automatically up to date. In addition, results will be quick and easy to find, even after a long time, just by using vehicle and driver master data.

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Do you need strict separation of booking systems and dispatch control? We are there for you with VERA-CONTROL.

Our loading management software VERA-CONTROL for road, rail, barge and pipeline is based on VERA-V3 technology, but it is also suitable as a stand-alone product for any refinery that requires strict separation of booking systems and dispatch control.

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Location-independent approval of loads

We also offer a dependable and efficient solution for the approval of loads. With VERA-SCAN, authentication of collectors is improved in several ways.

It is location-independent – so loads can be approved from anywhere. Freight documents are scanned and made available digitally, which helps the dispatcher review them more quickly but also makes allocating several collection IDs to one order an easy task. 

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Secure communication with your business partners

The exchange of sensitive data is an important part of every transaction. Data security and confidentiality must be guaranteed at all times, making the management of connections and credentials a challenging task.

We can help you:

Our solution VTA-CC  will establish a safe and secure interface between our secure datacentre and your systems. You can transfer all required information to us, and we will take care of the rest.

We operate VTA-CC in a strictly secured datacentre and ensure protected communication between tank facilities, storage facilities and other partners. The operation of this software is subject to the strict security regulations of an information security management system (ISMS) certified in accordance with ISO/IEC 27001.

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