Customs/tax processing

Are your goods subject to excise duty? If so, you know the strict statutory regulations. We will help you adhere to them easily and reliable.

The right solution customised to your needs

Our software solution will allow you to integrate EMCS firmly into your business operations so that all processes mesh seamlessly, significantly increasing your efficiency. You can choose between several models – either semi-automated or fully automated. This means you can select the variant that is the perfect fit for your particular needs. You will thus meet the legal requirements without having to introduce new work steps to your dispatch process and without the need for time-consuming staff training.

Benefit from our specialist knowledge

The implementation of statutory requirements in tax processing is not always easy. We are experts in this field and because of our good relations to authorities, we can resolve matters quickly and directly with the right point of contact. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need support.
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Mineral oil tax statements and export tracking

In accordance with mineral oil legislation, all owners of tax warehouses are obliged to carry out customs bookkeeping. Our VERA-TAX software can make this task a lot easier. It can be used  to handle all bookkeeping, production reporting and quantity bookkeeping, as well as stock management as well as calculating VRU (vapor recovering unit) amounts.
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Fully-automated integration of ATLAS export registration

Our special tool VERA-Atlas is an interface for automatic integration of ATLAS export registration for non-EU  countries into the shipping process. VERA-ATLAS is an add-on for VERA-V3.
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Queries to the SEED database

According to energy tax law, a consignor must ensure that goods subject to excise duty must only be delivered with duty suspension if the beneficiaries are located in EU member states. To this end, verifying the recipients excise duty number is of decisive importance. The necessary queries to the central customs office and in the SEED portal of the European Commission are possible at any time; however, they must be repeated regularly by the consignor and are therefore very time-consuming.
VERA-SEED saves you from having the same work twice since excise duty numbers that have been checked in the past are automatically stored by the system, and their validity is checked at regular intervals.
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